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Ubex at Demesne House 2024.

The Demesne House, former home of the Lurgan Johnston family, destroyed. Johnston Allen Linen was one of the Irish Linen factories since the turn of the 19th Century. The house built around 1910, was sold around 2010. Now its a looted ruin.Also the “Home of the Hits” for many pirate stations, Kiss-FM 103.7, Energy106, and more. Many a signal used to come from the top of the house, with radio studio on the upper floors. An era of pirate radio, from the early 1980s, to the end of Energy 106 in 2005, built, repaired and tested at the small ruined workshop. New bespoke homes being built on the remaining fields, half of which were part of Lurgan Golf club. Also Carter Johnston Honey, almost 250 bee hives in its day.

Oak panels and every floor all gone, along with the very plaster on the walls.

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BASES2024. Too Hot to Handle Tour - Rendlesham Forest

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