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BASES2024 Summer Seminars - 15-16 June 2024 - SN95EQ - Pewsey

Updated: Jun 3

Get Your Tickets Here: BASES2024 Summer Seminars

The Bases Project returns with its annual summer seminars, at the Bouverie Hall, Pewsey, Wiltshire—unique appearance by Deborah Hatswell.

BASES2024 Summer Seminars 15th -16th June 2024 at SN95EQ Pewsey, Wiltshire.

Featuring Mark Pilkington, Gill Kirkham, Sayed Mahmoud Noah, Mark Rayworth, Jeanie Rebane, Sandi Adams Team, Julie Phelps, Thomas Mikey Jensen, and special Keynote speaker - Deborah Hatswell.

Speaker Bios:

Gill Kirkham

Through ADHD diagnosis in 2010, Star Being Embodiment 2013 and Deep Trauma Release Training, Multidimensional access is ready to teach! 

Gill Kirkham, Mind Alchemist.

Developed STATE CHANGE ALCHEMY TM, IT IS THE WORLD'S FIRST MODALITY which encompasses perception shifts to enhance the human experience and for The Bases Project you will have a Live interactive demo, Gill has joined the dot's to teach and maybe access to Non-Physical beings around you!  

With laser precision and focus, Gill teaches how to access 4D, 5D, and other perceptions. Those who SUSPEND DISBELIEF and JUDGEMENT of self and others, you can access their cosmic counterparts, star beings, higher selves, and healing abilities.

Meet Gill, a catalyst for perception shifts, state change, and simplifying our human abilities in their cosmic nature. After a massive breakdown in her family, relationships, finances, and home life in 2013, Gill was floored and wanted to understand human behaviour deeply. She turned to the teachings of Karl Jung, emotional intelligence, and learnt how to access the superconscious and heal through that and the subconscious.

An embodiment of a STAR BEING was a profound moment as New Year's Eve 2014 approached. With her psychic coach doing inner work and playing in the energy, her whole energy system changed. She felt like her fingers, head, and body were massive, and she was seeing through the eyes of a nonphysical being—quite the shock!

After 18 months of training in trauma-release work and psychic skills, it became very apparent she was not here to be leading sales teams or being part of the corporate world. On the outside, she had been very confident on the inside, constantly masking ADHD and Dyspraxia symptoms diagnosed in university; she kept it under wraps while continually reading energy, being afraid of her sensitivity, drinking too much, choosing violent boyfriends, and not fitting in. So, the quest was to heal this, find out the gifts in the situations and then help others do the same. 

Knowing everything is energy, Gill has pieced it together. Known as the Mind Alchemist or Energy Weaver, she knows the polarity of consciousness and will release entities, ancestral wounds, coding, trickster energy, and unhelpful DNA and emotional patterning. With access to past and future times, healing generational trauma and all subconscious programming holding us back from love and success,  Gill accesses all aspects of self, including those not of this world,  so that humans have a much better experience.

There is nothing New Age about this; it is a deep inner work and self-inquiry, and the key is to do it correctly and not bypass the soul's wishes to grow and learn from every encounter we co-create. It takes courage and owning all parts of us to have a developed self-awareness for growth. It has taken many dark nights of the soul to know how to weave and sense light and dark energy and know how allow and not. 

As said, with laser precision and focus, Gill teaches how to access 4D, 5D, and other perceptions. Those who SUSPEND DISBELIEF can access their cosmic counterparts, star beings, higher selves, and healing abilities.


Deborah Hatswell

Cryptids, Creatures, UFO, The Unexplained, Paranormal, Supernatural

Deborah Hatswell BBR Investigations.

Deborah Hatswell is an Investigator & Researcher of the strange and unexplained. A witness to a Cryptid Creature herself in 1982 Deborah set out to find other people who had seen and experienced the impossible. Over 40 years later Deborah is a self taught Parapsychologist and is a leading expert in the fields of Cryptozoology, The Unknown and The Paranormal. Investigating cases of Bigfoot, Dogmen, UFO, Alien, Abductions, The Supernatural, Entity/Attachment, Hauntings, Unsolved Mysteries and all manner of Phenomena giving her a unique skill set. 

Deborah formed BBR Investigations and her new company Strictly Confidential as a way to bring a spotlight to the hundreds of people left out there in society believing they are alone, or that their experience is just too ‘weird or outhere’ to share. Feeling listened to, heard and understood is Deborah’s main aim with the hope going forward any possible future events can be handled together. Not just to bring some closer or understanding about their truth.

Many people are left traumatised after an event and for some it can be a continuous lifetime of strange experiences or interaction with several different types of activity. Talking through these happenings, exploring why they happened and how to navigate a way forward can be a time consuming project and Deborah & BBR offer a safe place to share your story along with showing you how to deal with this activity at home. Then we can put you in touch with other like minded people who know exactly how you feel and what you’re going through.

Deborah Hatswell “I have worked in the Cryptid and Supernatural subjects for over 4 decades now, as each case came in I would map it and speak to the witness to try and find out as much as I can about them, what took place and any background experiences before, during or after the event. I have trained people who now investigate as I do worldwide. I have also put 1000’s of people in touch with others and built an online community that is growing by the day.”

I share the personal experiences of others in my books, podcasts, vlogs and websites


Sayed Mahmoud Noah

Former head of Archaeological Documentation Department in Luxor.

Is there a deep connotation behind the errors of the ancient Egyptian artists?

Sayed is a former inspector of Antiquities in Egypt, former head of Archaeological Documentation Department in Luxor.

He has seen clear secrets, misnamed as "errors" in Egyptian art and sculpture. A clear message that explains how the solar disc turned.  But the earth had!

Sayed Noah studied Egyptology at the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University in the years 79 and 80, Where he completed reading at the Faculty of Arts, Archaeology department at Sohag University, and graduated in May 1982. He worked in the field of Antiquities from 1984 until He left Egypt to reside in England in 2001. He started his work as an inspector of Antiquities under training, then he became chief inspector of many sites such as the temples of Luxor, Karnak, The Valley of the Kings, Deir el-Bahari, the Valley of the Queens, and Medinet Habu.

His last position was the head of the Archaeological Documentation Department in Luxor. 1985 where he participated in the excavations for the temple of Amenhotep III [Nebmaatra 1390-1352BC], a temple in the eastern Bank of Luxor.

In 1986 he recorded the antiquity artifacts in the most important magazine in Deir el-Medina area, west bank of Thebes-1987 He was one of the Egyptologists who started the restoration of the middle hall of the Mentuemhat tomb located in El-Assasif, in the front of Deir el-Bahri Site. He participated with the French mission in Karnak in recording the antiquities of Sheikh Labib's store and recording the so-called Talatat of King Akhenaten - on YouTube. He recorded 5 videos of his new interpretation of the palette and mace head of King Narmer the first king of ancient Egypt [ the sacred Luxor masterclass] showing the Egyptians believed that the god Horus the elder created the sun in Al-Bayadyah city east of Luxor.


Jeanie Rebane - Humanist Celebrant

Synchronicity, and Astro-Cartography, a road map for this reality

orbs along the way…..

And ‘UT’, healing ourselves, inside and out.

Jeanie started her 'spiritual journey, well over 30 years ago,

But like many of us realized at a young age 'things' were not as we've been programmed to believe. 

It was by following her heart, and a series of coincidences, that led her to have incredible experiences and meet amazing people.

It started with a vivid dream back in 1993, which 20 years later resulted  in a life changing trip to South America, where she first unexpectedly encountered orbs. 

Since then she has taken many photographs of orbs and mist phenomena, and other strange anomalies.

Seen a large UFO in Barry South Wales, and have an astonishing exchange of messages with Andrew D Basagio, of Project Pegasus, about Mars...

Jeanie's unfolding journey, and her love of astrology, brought astro-cartography, (also known as astro location) into her life, 

Which  simply put, shows the energy lines at the time of ones birth, our potential logistical destinies, and the blueprint for personal growth.

Jeanie was born in Leeds, then left to live in Devon at 13 after her parents broke up, she subsequently lived in Birmingham, then Barry South Wales, and ultimately her now home in Swansea. 

All of these locations including Peru and Bolivia were already there on her astrocartography chart!

Most recently Jeanie became aware via a good friend, of 'UT' an ancient healing practice available to all of us, which has powerful implications for curing ourselves without msm and pharmacuetical medication

Her personal story shows  that if we trust our intuition, embrace out authenticity, dare to take a risks,  and follow the signs,  they can lead us all to profound experiences, highlighting just how interconnected and  powerful we are.



Shifting Timelines, Entity Encounters, UFO Mind connection and the fast approaching Singularity Event.

Marks new talk exclusive to a Bases Conference is an in depth look into the elusive nature of our ever moving reality through the lens of his personal experience.

Mark has had many different “Paranormal” experiences from a very young age and was witness to one of the biggest UFO sightings in the world dubbed “Night of the Triangles”. 

Regular visits from different entities throughout his life lead him onto a 16 year stint as a Developing Medium, working Churches, Shows in England and Wales and Radio appearance. This was until one experience that changed everything and pushed him onto a path to dive deeper into the clock workings of our reality.

From Ritual Magick, Narrative overlays upon Natural Cycles and the true Creative Power of our collective, Mark believes that the war for our minds is escalating as we are the most valuable commodity in existence. Are different Entities and Beings squabbling ownership while using our light to be here. Through Marks personal experience in knowing that “They” are not always whom they claim to be, he believes that the key is within us and always has been. 

Everything and everyone is connected within every single drama and allegory, projected from our minds and back in magnetic harmony.

In the end, “They” keep as many Souls as they can before the big shifting door closes. 


Thomas Mikey Jensen

Astro Archaeology Satellite Analyst

Are NASA's Best Satellite Images Showing Us Life On Mars.

Thomas Mikey Jensen is the founder of the United Family of Anomaly Hunters (UFAH) an international organization for Astro Archaeology Researchers, with a Main interest in Planet Mars and our Moon.

Thomas Has presented his research on life on Mars since 2011 and has made several headlines with his images of the Martian surface seen from above.

He is also the co-founder of SpaceLink TV, (available on ), where you can find his Documentaries on life in the universe as "DocUFObia".

The Baltic Sea Anomaly -The Unsolved Mystery.

Inanna - The Queen That Time Forgot.

SpaceJunk - The Black Knight Satellite Special,

And many more video productions, that he insists must be free to watch.

His presentation will be about the "M18" Anomaly, one of the best pieces of evidence of Life on Mars, in combination with many other jawbreaking images showing us Life in The Universe in a way you never thought you would see it before.


Julie Phelps 

Part 1 

Moving way beyond the current stagnation of whether non-humans exist and focus on developing and understanding some of the ET (Non-human) cultures and societies. 

How can we use this knowledge to better understand and move humanity forward? 


Part 2 

Also understanding advanced craft 


Sandi Adams

(With Teresa – Valentina Zharkova)

The Agenda 21 and 30 synchronized with the Solar Maunder Minimum and Magnetic Field issues.


Mark Pilkington

"UFOs at the Pentagon. Again. (2024 Edition)”


Mark Pilkington is the author of Mirage Men: A Journey into Disinformation, Paranoia and UFOs (2010) and wrote the documentary film of the same name. His day job is running Strange Attractor Press, and he also makes electronic music whenever he can. He’s currently in the early stages of writing a new book about UFO belief and its impact on our cultures.


UFOs: A National Security Threat?

The past few years have seen unprecedented, and ongoing, levels of interest in UAPs, the anomalous phenomena formerly known as UFOs. This first UFO flap of the Internet age lead to elements of long-simmering UFO conspiracy lore being given airtime in the US Congress, thanks to self-professed whistleblower David Grusch and some well-placed supporters behind the scenes. In this talk Mark Pilkington will explore the questions raised by recent events, and consider how UAPs, and the circus surrounding them, might create national security headaches for authorities in the United States.



  • BASES2024 Summer Sat &Sun 15-16 June 2024 0 £70.00 +£6.55 Fee Read more

  • BASES2024 Summer Saturday Only15 June 0 £40.00 +£4.04 Fee Read more

  • BASES2024 Summer Sunday Only 16th June 0 £40.00 +£4.04 Fee

Get Your Tickets Here: BASES2024 Summer Seminars

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