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What If... We Had Full Disclosure Tomorrow ! A 2017 Prediction That Became Reality In 2023

In 2017 Thomas Mikey Jensen asked the question, What If We Had Full Disclosure Tomorrow on Life in The Universe, What would happen, How would people react !

From this question a 90 minute documentary was born, and the answers! ... See and hear them in the video below.

What If... Gives you the thoughts of:

Laurie McDonald. Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Mary Rodwell. Founder Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN).

Ken Johnston. Former Civilian Astronaut Consultant Pilot at NASA.

Patty Greer. Producer & Filmmaker Crop Circle Films.

Martine Grainey Founder Martian Genesis.

Dollie Indigostar. Founder Starchildren

Alfred Lambremont Webre. Founder Exo Politics.

Chris Moroney. Mars Anomalies & Beyond.

Thomas Mikey Jensen. Founder UFAH United Family of Anomaly Hunters.

Billy Carson. 4biddenknowledge.

What If... The governments around the world told the truth about life in our universe ?

What If... We found out there is life on the moon and on Mars ?

What If... You could ask a question regarding the new statement of life in our Universe, What would you ask ?

Did the Apollo 11 team see a UFO that followed them ? and is it true that the "life changing" event Edgar Mitchell had was seeing the Earth Moon and Sun at the same time on the way back from the Moon ?

The questions are many, and we probably never get and answer to all of them.

Now (2023) we had the UFO hearing in USA that confirmed the many years of witness statements, video evidence, images, rumors and speculations of secret backengineering and the secrecy of underground research facilities with otherworld pilots held captive.

We Are Not Alone !

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Watch The full series with people as:

NICK POPE, Walked or Pushed. JOHN LEAR, John Lear In His Lair. STEVE BASSETT, The Highgate Briefing. MAX SPIERS, The Max Spiers Collection. SEAN STONE & JOHN URWIN The Secrets Man Must Never Know. JAMES CASBOLT, Beyond Jams Casbolt. DAVID GRIFFIN, E.T Elements of The Falklands War. ANNE HESS, The Changing Frequencies. SAM JENKINS, Super Soldier Summit. STEWART SWERDLOW, The Montauk Project. MARY RODWELL, The New Humans. SARAH STANGA, Milab Victim. Dr. RAUNIKILDE, Pioneer In Mind Control.

And many more Presentations, Interviews, Research, Documentaries, Witness Statements, Milab, UFOs, Alien Encountering Experiences, Ancient History Research, Stonehenge Mysteries. All from Guest's and Contributers at Bases Tv hosted by Miles Johnston.

MARIA WHEATLEY. Stonehenge and Ancient History. PETER PAGET. The Peter Paget Disclosure. KAREN ANN LUCYK MACDONALD. The Bear Klan Mother. HARALD KAUTZ VELLA. Smart Dust - Black Goo. KATHERINA KAVUNGU. Regression Therapist. SANDY BERGEN. Witness Statements. DOLLIE INDIGOSTAR. Innana. The Queen That Time Forgot. ANGELA POWER DISNEY. Mind Control - Hostile Witness. ELLEN. The Extra Numbered Page. BELINDA MCKENZIE. Institutional Child Abuse In The UK. MATTHEW WILLIAMS. A Witness Statement. JONTHAN ALLINGTON. It's All About Anne. MIKKAAL. An Alien Experiencer. KEWAUNEE LAPSERITIS. SASQUATCH. JOSHUA PATRICK & J. PREVOST. Message From A Bottle. JOHN BYDE. On Schauberger. CATHI MORGAN. Britains History of Mind Control. NINA VALENTINE. MK Ultra & Supersoldiers. JEFF SCOTT. Confessions of an Alien Abductee. SOLARIS BLUERAVEN. Synthetic Telepathy. ANYA BRIGGS. Medium, Channeler, CIA Supersoldier. MARIA KAYALI. After Gina. ALISTAIR MARTIN. Sentient Fluid. EVA ZEMANOVA. Human E.T. Origins. CHRIS THOMAS. Project Human Extinction. THOMAS MIKEY JENSEN. DocUFObia. And Many More to come.

Limited offer. Bases Tv are giving a 40% discount to the first 100 subscribers while celebrating the opening of our new streaming platform.

1st Month only 2.99$ with a 3 day free Trial. Disclosure is Coming our Way ! Use the Promo code BASESXMAS2023 for a 40% Discount


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