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The Bases Project News Update

The News is that BASES edit suite complete refurishment is well on the way. The main Edit PC blew up in Novemebr and its takena long time to get new kit and get up and working. Things like a New SATA expansion card... destroying are 4TB drive on connection. Its not the first time, but when they are made in China, they dump really nasty ,malware into the chips, so when first connected it dumps stuff on to you hard drive, causing massive bad sectors.

So thats yet another 4TB Drive to recover. Also the new AS-ROCK Motherboard refused to see SAS-SATA cards, so a number of updates and finally one new card allowed the system to see the remaining 6 Hard Drives in the system. So finally that system is now actually on line. Meanwhile reducing the edit suite toi 2 edit positions and not three, means we have space for somone to camp out over night, when we get crowded here at Bases HQ

The studio has had 4 big screen failures.

The big 10 years old TV used for studio had firmware failure over a year ago. A upgrade did not include control of the screen for on camera use. It was full daylight blue. This required to be retired. dismounting it from the lighting truss bracket, resulted in a short vertical sharp adjustment. So that was that. a 75" replacement was almost home, but the demand for 2 people to move it... resulted in a short stress failure on part of this huge screen. A Two man job, requires , guess what TWO men.

ATTACKS:- a full scale attack sequence is in work, across the field. We have seen what has happened to Richard D Hall, and Kim Goguen, and many others. Matthew Williams was physically attack with a bottle at a Lidl store, smashed over his head. I was DEW attacked on Monday night (last).

Dec 31st saw UNN break up, so Kim Goguen has now moved with her production team. My decision on her is simple. Listen to what she says, do not Believe, as I say about Bases material. Listen, take note and see what actually happens

The scale of TROLL attacks on myself and the attacks via DEW and a physical attack in August, knocking me out cold. That case was in court in early Jan. My instructions are to not engage, but to "Let The shadows Fall"

Big new Bases has been the Robert Osborne series. Now the main PC is back, I hope to have parts 5 and 6 out soon.

Bases TV  is the new name for Miles of the Bases project page. New staff , are working extremly hard establishing and All Bases legacy and new interviews and series will be there.

I also have a legacy Twitter account and may use that for Lives. I managed to get most of The BASES2023 Christmas seminars out live via the 2 Facebook sites.

From now on it has to be a subscription based situation.

Only a few new interviews will go out on the Bases Project Rumble, Bitchute, the YouTube sites. (Bases Project Restricted and Bases Project Censored. Material will still go up on Stepping Stones to Awareness. Stuff with Jane Shattock, which is more political.

I will see if I can get back on and some Live updates on the Bases Project group, and that be where to see stuff Live North

I am doing a couple of series with Maria Wheatley, on the Suppression of Women- written out of History. Also Sayed who gave his first presentation at the Coronation Hall in August, is recording a series, a Master Class on the Secrets of Luxor. That is highly detailed and part 3 was shot on Tuesday this week.

Ok that's major update for now Fri 9th Feb 2024.

Miles Johnston The Bases Project/Bases tv.

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Watch The full series with people as:

NICK POPE, Walked or Pushed.

JOHN LEAR, John Lear In His Lair.

STEVE BASSETT, The Highgate Briefing.

MAX SPIERS, The Max Spiers Collection.

SEAN STONE & JOHN URWIN The Secrets Man Must Never Know.

JAMES CASBOLT, Beyond Jams Casbolt.

DAVID GRIFFIN, E.T Elements of The Falklands War.

ANNE HESS, The Changing Frequencies.

SAM JENKINS, Super Soldier Summit.

STEWART SWERDLOW, The Montauk Project.

MARY RODWELL, The New Humans.

SARAH STANGA, Milab Victim.

Dr. RAUNIKILDE, Pioneer In Mind Control.

And many more Presentations, Interviews, Research, Documentaries, Witness Statements, Milab, UFOs, Alien Encountering Experiences, Ancient History Research, Stonehenge Mysteries. All from Guest's and Contributers at Bases Tv hosted by Miles Johnston.

MARIA WHEATLEY. Stonehenge and Ancient History.

PETER PAGET. The Peter Paget Disclosure.


HARALD KAUTZ VELLA. Smart Dust - Black Goo.

KATHERINA KAVUNGU. Regression Therapist.

SANDY BERGEN. Witness Statements.

DOLLIE INDIGOSTAR. Innana. The Queen That Time Forgot.

ANGELA POWER DISNEY. Mind Control - Hostile Witness.

ELLEN. The Extra Numbered Page.

BELINDA MCKENZIE. Institutional Child Abuse In The UK.

MATTHEW WILLIAMS. A Witness Statement.


MIKKAAL. An Alien Experiencer.


JOSHUA PATRICK & J. PREVOST. Message From A Bottle.

JOHN BYDE. On Schauberger.

CATHI MORGAN. Britains History of Mind Control.

JEFF SCOTT. Confessions of an Alien Abductee.

SOLARIS BLUERAVEN. Synthetic Telepathy.

ANYA BRIGGS. Medium, Channeler, CIA Supersoldier.


ALISTAIR MARTIN. Sentient Fluid.

EVA ZEMANOVA. Human E.T. Origins.

CHRIS THOMAS. Project Human Extinction.


And Many More to come.

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