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BasesXmas 2023

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

The Bases Project presents its annual Christmas seminars. Facing the extremely serious issues we now face.


Michael Shrimpton – The Military Aspects of the players in the Ukraine War

Bob Osborne – Zennor Spirit of Place – The Fabian Agenda

Miles Johnston -summary of why Bases started, the late Lisa Williams and Barry King's legacy.

Sandi Adams – Further details of the plans our governments have for us, as they continue to betray us on all levels

Lucy Wyatt – Two talks- Part 1 -The Doom Cult and its 500 years of History

Part 2 – Geopolitics of Tyranny v Freedom

BASES2023 Christmas Seminars - Speaker Bios and Talks

Miles Johnston -

Miles founded the Bases Project in 1994, after meeting Lisa Williams of London UFO Studies, who knew Barry King, another researcher at Roy Lake's London Ufo Studies. We recorded a 2hr interview, and what was revealed was so shocking, it set Miles off on a the study of Aliens being made in British Bases, under the watchful eyes of the Greys, Reptilians, and a mix of Current in charge Nazis, and multinational military involvement. Jacqui Ann Davis has a similar material to add to the late Lisa Williams's, who passed only 2 years ago. The scale of the infiltration is complete, right up to the Alpha Draconis... Miles will give a short talk about dear Lisa and her material released, with Barry in 1994...and the scale of what is involved. Jacqui is unable to join us, so some of her data will be provided by Miles to start the day.

Michael Shrimpton


Michael Shrimpton is an intelligence author and commentator, who writes a weekly intelligence column for He is the author of Spyhunter (June Press, 2014), a copy of which will be found in most intelligence agency libraries. He was formerly an intelligence academic, on the faculty of the American Military University. He has a large number of intelligence successes to his credit, several against the al-Qaeda terrorist organisation.

Michael was the first commentator to predict the Russo-Ukrainian War, as far back as November 2020.


Michael will give the background to the war and explain why Russia felt that she needed to invade the Ukraine. Essentially Ukraine is a German client state, something the speaker of the Canadian Parliament failed to grasp!

Michael will give his thoughts on the current military situation and the way forward. He was also comment on the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel and Israel’s formidable response.

Bob Osborne


Bob Osborne is the son of a gypsy rag and bone man and his earliest memories were totting on a horse and cart in Notting Hill Gate in the 1960's. The family had a pet monkey called 'Wanker'. Osborne's great uncle was 'George the Giant' Auger, who was the second tallest man in the world in 1900 and Queen Victoria's private bodyguard. 'Captain' Auger travelled across America in freak shows with the Barnum and Bailey circus and appeared in silent movies with Harold Lloyd. Bob Osborne is the first male in his genealogical line to be able to read or write and he studied creative writing at the University of East Anglia. He has lived in a cave in Crete and had a studio on the beach in St Ives, Cornwall.

Bob has given six extremely detailed interviews about Zennor for Bases-TV in 2023.

The Book - Zennor Spirit of Place - This extensive work has so many issues and connections between DH Lawrence, Aleister Crowley, The Nazis, the Huxley brothers... where to begin?

Bob will answer questions and get into the meat of the whole place - Zennor and the Fabian Agenda to cyborg the entire population, and there's more!

Sandi Adams - Agenda Update

We welcome Sandi to give an update on the agenda against us and all life on this world.

Sandi has been visiting Brazil, to cool off. This welcome return to BASES, gives us a current update on what to expect.

We are at war for our way of life and our very existence as a human being, if at all.

Lucy Wyatt - Summary


Lucy Wyatt – is an author and researcher. Her book ‘Approaching Chaos – could an ancient archetype save C21st civilisation?’ was published 2010. In her book she explores the proposition that ancient cities did not evolve out of agriculture but were the result of a shamanically-accessed template. The milkable cow was a deliberate genetic modification designed to serve cities. This template, based on harmony and divine connection, is still available to us. Lucy has given many talks to Breaking Convention, the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group and Megalithomania, among others. She has created talk spaces such as Voices of Gaia at Green Gathering festival. Born in the university town of Cambridge, where she had a lot of academic ancestors including one who held the same Lucasian chair of mathematics as Sir Isaac Newton, Lucy now lives in Somerset and is working on research which will form the basis of a new book ‘Chaos Encountered’.

Talk 1. "The Quest for Harmony. How a Doom Cult has used Science to Poison our Minds".

The war for our minds has been going on for thousands of years. About 500 years ago, however, a powerful Doom Cult first started deliberately twisting scientific knowledge to shape our thinking. Standard stuff that we take for granted, like the Second Law of Thermodynamics; so we never challenge and we do not realise that there is a hidden motive behind it all which is dark, because we think that science is 'value-free'. What was set in motion 500 years ago still affects us, as we can see with the climate con. But there is a counter narrative that has survived in spite of oppression, one which supports a more positive outlook for humanity.

Talk 2. "Geopolitics: Tyranny vs Freedom".

A brief survey of how this Doom Cult has attempted to control the world for the last 300 years - and is now in demise. It is losing but it isn't going down without a fight and so it matters knowing who the enemy is because it isn't necessarily the usual suspects (bankers, secret societies etc) even though they may play a role. The real enemy is good at covering its tracks and scapegoating. It uses a lot of psychological tactics. Because we find ourselves in the belly of the beast, we in the West have an important part to play and what happens in America is critical to our ultimate liberation.

BASES2023 Christmas Seminars

At The Bouverie Hall, Goddard Rd, Pewsey SN9 5EQ

Sat 9th Dec 2023 door opn 9am to 8pm


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