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Bases 34. Sean Stone With John Urwin. Britains Early Supersoldiers

Sean Stone came from the United States to record a series of interviews with John Urwin, in Newcastle-upon Tyne, about how and what was involved with his unique special forces training, in 1957. This was to lead to a feature film, in which John would explain the secrets of his training. 'One step beyond' refers to training Past Death, into many dimensions, and the use of ancient high technology, recovered in John's final mission, at Jaraba in 1959

Its all in his book. One Step Beyond -The 16, If you are able to get contact John, buy his final edition , in colour. Its all there...except what he was to have said and had enacted in that film, that never was.

This was not to be. A single edit was agreed to be released in 2014. Now all this is water under the bridge, these full sections are released for the betterment of the public.

First series of interviews with John Urwin in 2009, in Newcastle upon Tyne. and these in 2014, reloaded September 2022. Further interviews were conducted with Sean Stone, which did not lead to film he had hoped for.

Book is (get the 4th edition in colour) One Step Beyond ..The Sixteen.

This an account , putting it very crudely, Britain's early Super Soldiers in the mid 1950's. John Urwin is one of Britain's early special forces soldiers, trained in a beyond 3D realm. A super-soldier, for want of a better team He fought in the middle East, in a ultra special team, called The 16" Bases numbers 13 (2012) and with Sean Stone 34 (2014)


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